What is MONKIRI ?

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MONKIRI is a Japanese paper craft making KAMON(family crest) designs.
Cut out the folded paper along MONKIRIGATA(paper template) and unfold.
The paper reveals a beautiful symmetrical pattern of KAMON.


意想不到美丽的“日本的形”。这就是“纹切游戏”,纸型叫做“纹切型”。在江户时代(1600 – 1868),手艺人用来描绘纹样的指南书和民间私塾的课本里都有记载,直到昭和初期 (1930年代)在美工教科书中还有介绍,然而如今却被完全遗忘。“纹切型”也成了贬义词,用来表示“一成不变的无聊”的意思。“家纹”始于平安时代(8世纪前后),通过贵族和武士代代相传;到了江户时代,平民也开始使用家纹,许多潇洒幽默的纹样得以产生。“纹切游戏”是来自江户的礼物。来吧,在如今的生活中再次享有“日本的形”。

『紙あそび歳時記 日本の行事』出版記念 七夕に紋切りあそび

Recommended Books

『紋切り型mini 紙あそび歳時記 祝う』キット正面

MONKIRI Papercutting Kit
IWAU Bless and Celebrate

This set includes MONKIRI patterns which symbolize blessings and celebrations.

『紋切り型mini 紙あそび歳時記 咲く』キット正面

MONKIRI Papercutting Kit
“SAKU” Flowers bloom

Let’s make a gift, a greeting card of the season with beautiful MONKIRI flowers.

【紋切り型】mini 紙あそび歳時記 日本の行事アイコンイメージ

MONKIRI Papercutting Kit
“Japanese Traditional Events”

Enjoy 10 Japanese traditional season events with beautiful MONKIRI papercuttings!

Papercutting Kit

You can make OMAMORI by yourself by cutting MONKIRI. Wear it as a good luck charm. Give it as a gift to whom you care for.

ABC’s of MONKIRI set

This set includes the Japanese “Iroha ni Monkiri Asobi” book, its English and Chinese translation booklet, pattern paper, and Washi origami paper for MONKIRI, also a special easy-to-use paper folder to store MONKIRI in. A great set to bring overseas as a gift.

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